Payment Options

Fair Pay Guarantee

We care for transparency. This is why we do not hide any costs! Other online shops make all their customers pay fees for services they do not even use. In our shop you will only be charged for the payment option you choose. These additional costs are determined by the respective payment service provider.

Payment in Advance

Easy, safe and free of charge! After we have verified the technical feasibility of your order you will receive our bank details (IBAN/BIC). Transfer the total amount due comfortably e.g. via online banking. After we have received payment the products you have ordered are sent out.


Easy, fast and safe! Use your PayPal account to transfer the total amount due and profit from PayPal Buyer Protection. After we have received payment the products you have ordered are sent out.

Credit Card

Comfortable and quick! Use Visa or Master Card and clinch the deal. Your order can be checked without delay and payment is made automatically.

You have two options to confirm your identity and sign the contract:
completely online (with immediate shipment) or in writing and by post (shipment after receipt of documents).

That's how it works

1. Request financing online:


Please Fill In The Form

2. Legitimation:


Have your identity confirmed comfortably online by video call


Or have your identity confirmed in your nearest post office by Postident.

3. Sign the contract:


Sign the credit agreement online by mTAN (SMS).


Or print the credit agreement sign it by hand and send it by post.

4. Look forward to the delivery:

The products you have ordered are sent out as soon as your financing request has reached the bank (subject to final positive verification after receipt).