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Our location in the heart of Dresden Neustadt

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Visiting felgenoutlet

Felgenoutlet can be found not only on the internet but in two places: Meissen and Dresden!


We moved into our headquarters in Dresden in 2015: a modern light-flooded office building in the centre of Dresden Neustadt where working never gets boring thanks to some smaller and bigger features.

René, one of the founders of felgenoutlet, takes you on a short tour through our offices and shows you some of the highlights. Among other things you will see our comfortable lounge and roof terrace, the different floors and their themes, our table football and our very popular coffee machine:


Meissen has a very special meaning for us: it is the place where the company was founded once. Today you can find our steadily growing logistics centre there, in which more than 56,000 wheels and tyres are stored, assembled and shipped.

Uwe, the other founder of felgenoutlet, gives you an insight into our daily business and shows you which machines and technologies we use to prepare wheels and tyres for shipment:

Virtual Visit to our Headquarters